Partenaires malgré eux - Un fils à retrouver (Black Rose) (French Edition)

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Assis, il monte et descend tout en regardant les usagers. A dragon arrives! Iran, , min. Les femmes y sont fortes, les hommes fragiles. Sonita a 18 ans.

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Projection dans le cadre du FIFF. Avec sous-titres allemands. Manouchehr a soixante ans.

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Moti a dix ans et veut construire des voitures. Swiss premiere of My Mother — the History of Iran , vo angl. My Mother — the History of Iran traces two interwoven narrative strands: a personal history and the last eighty years of Iranian history. The Berlin-based artist Shahram Entekhabi casts a glance on history by looking back to the year when his mother, Aghdas Dabestani, was born. Combining historical facts with personal tales and fictional elements illustrates what had shaped the collective memory of a nation over this span of decades. The result is a narrative deviating from the mainstream, which calls into question social, cultural and economic developments in Iran.

My Mother — the History of Iran reveals an undisguised glance upon the current situation of the country and throws up a whole platitude of socio-politically relevant questions about Iranian life today. Flyer My Mother. Flyer Nahid 3p.

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Flyer Kheiron. Live for the moment or be responsible? Can one have it all? See it both for his nascent talent and the glorious beauty and art of Golshifteh. Simplement adorable.

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Somewhere in the outskirts of Tehran a small factory illegally employs Afghan asylum seekers, who live with their families in old containers or modest shacks in nearby shanty towns. Saber, a young Iranian worker, secretly meets Marona, daughter of Abdolsalam, an Afghan worker. A love story unfolds, the conclusion of which no-one can foretell. Few cubic meters. They are systematically imprisoned, tortured and killed by the Iranian government. Comment vont se passer les retrouvailles? Et qui plus est, en un seul plan.

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Flyer Fifi. Les deux tueurs doivent changer leur plan initial au dernier moment….

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  6. Plus de renseignements sur le programme du festival: www. Ne le manquez pas!